Karo - the DRIVE to SUCCEED

Karo immigrated to the United States in 1978, at the age of five, along with his family. Upon his arrival, he enrolled in school but dropped out after completing the 10th grade. Instead, he pursued his GED to free up time to find a job and help make ends meet for his family. Karo began to work odd jobs, from construction to restaurant server, but faced challenges landing a long-term job. Because of Karo’s inconsistent work schedule, he had a significant amount of spare time and began spend his nights off partying until the early morning hours.Karo soon became addicted to drugs and alcohol. His family tried to seek help for him but had trouble getting through to him. Karo was in and out of jail and rehab facilities for 15 years. After many failed attempts to detox, something clicked for Karo and he finally became serious about his future. While staying at the Center for Living and Learning, Karo changed his lifestyle. In July 2017, he visited a Goodwill retail store recruitment event at our Valley WorkSource Center and landed a job as a part-time sales associate at a Goodwill SoCal store. This opportunity gave Karo the extra push he needed to focus on his future. He enrolled at the Goodwill Northeast WorkSource Center for transportation access and other supportive services.While working as a sales associate, Karo noticed a demand for truck drivers, an area of interest that he had not known how to pursue. He discussed this with his case manager, who advised him to obtain his Class A truck driving license. In December 2017, Karo received his truck driving license and is now on the path to finding his first truck driving job! He has a new outlook on life and is excited for what the future holds.“Goodwill Southern California gave me a second chance to change my life,” said Karo. “I’m so happy that they gave me a job and the training I needed to find the career I hoped for.”
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