About us

Together, we are alleviating homelessness -- one job at a time.

Hired + Hopeful LA is a coalition of non-profit organizations, public agencies, and corporations working together to connect 16,000 people with lived homelessness experience to employment in Los Angeles County by 2022.

Our Coalition

Homelessness ends when an individual’s income allows them to afford their housing, their healthcare, and their cost of living.

To meet the unique needs of every person with lived homelessness experience in Los Angeles, we need a holistic vision, where a diverse network of public and private partners work hand in hand. When we work together, we can provide the income, dignity, and resources needed to help keep thousands of people—and their families—housed.

Our Approach


Connect a network of local and regional organizations spanning across housing and employment services to collectively provide practical support and thought leadership on employing those with lived homelessness experience.


Partner with employers who are ready to hire those with lived homelessness experience, and provide relevant trainings, tools, and one-on-one support, including identifying possible job opportunities and career pathways through our Community Partners.


Build coalition’s capacity and leadership in this issue by distributing best practices, hosting trainings, and making connections across the coalition’s diverse network.


Work with policy leaders to advocate for systems and policies that increase employment and economic security for people with lived homelessness experience.


Share stories of hope and inspire a holistic vision of addressing homelessness through employment, housing, and health.

We Believe That

  • Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of housing status.
  • We must change the narrative about the talent and value of our neighbors without homes.
  • Securing a job that provides a living wage is essential to ending homelessness.
  • People with lived experience must be a part of the planning and solution to end homelessness.
  • Homelessness cannot be addressed by any one organization, company, or agency alone; collaboration achieves results..

Want to join us?

Learn more by diving into the area that best suits your work.

Our work is inspired by innovative and effective models, programs, and practices to employ homeless individuals.